Motion Display signs agreement with ICA


Motion Display Scandinavia AB in Uppsala, Sweden, has signed an agreement with ICA IMS to provide Swedish ICA stores with flashing displays based on electronic paper. The agreement will have great significance for Motion Display in the international launch starting now.


From testing flashing e-paper displays from Motion Display in a number of stores, ICA now takes a next step to make it possible for all of the more than 1,300 stores in the Sweden to start using the new display technology .Motion Display will now be part of a range of products, available for all ICA retailers.


The company has developed thin and low power consuming flashing displays with well-documented effect on sales and the consumer's choice of product. The flashing messages, display size, color and shape can be adjusted to meet customers’ graphical profile. Motion Display has already delivered displays...

Motion Display plans for listing on Aktietorget


Motion Display is now approved for listing at Aktietorget in Sweden, provided that a planned new share issue and certain demands for minimum number of shareholders etc. are met.


Motion Display offers new solutions for in-store marketing. The company was founded in 2005 by Erik Danielsson, former CEO of Pharmacia AB and founder of Scandinavian Biogas Fuels AB and the listed company Pricer AB, the global leader in ESL (Electronic Shelf Label).


Motion Display has developed an entirely new sales concept for stores, based on electronic paper.


– After working with Pricer I realized the need for effective advertising in conjunction with the product right at the shelf, where we make our buying decisions. This opportunity came with the e-paper, says Erik Danielsson.


The company has developed thin and low-power consuming flashing displays with well documented effect on sales and the consumer's choice of...

Motion Display introduces program to a first retailer - Swedish ICA


Motion Display has developed a range of displays to ICA, based on Motion Display´s new generation technology.


Anna Engholm CEO, says: “We are very happy that we now have such a strong offering to retailers. ICA has done their own tests and has seen very convincing sales lifts. Based on this we have designed nine different products in close collaboration with ICA,  that we now have launched. The early response has been very positive”


Peter Karlsson, head of  Business unit Retail in Motion Display adds: “There is an obvious demand for a possibility to create more attention to a product right at the place on the shelf, where more than 70 percent of all purchase decisions are taken. This product will help retailers improve profitability by stimulating customers to buy more of selected products."



The ICA...

Motion Display introduces a new platform to run its e-paper based displays.


Motion Display has now finalized a major project aiming at being able to offer the market a completely new generation products with significant advantages over the product that has been available so far.


Anna Engholm CEO, says: “With this new technology base we are finally ready to go to market in a full scale, as we are now launching new features the market has been asking for. One such is that we can now display configurable figures, which obviously is quite basic in the retail environment. This break-through also opens up for a number of new products that we know the market wants. Our first priority will be to approach also retailers and offer them a new possibility to help customers find the right products”.


Erik Danielsson. Founder and Chairman of Motion Display adds: “Ever since I founded Motion Display in 2005,...

Motion Display - Animated Ink at the shelf - See the movie


More than 70% of the purchasing decisions are taken when the shopper is standing in front of the shelf – "the moment of truth". With animated ink from Motion Display retailers are able to steer the shoppers to different products such as new introductions, campaign products, organic products, own-brand products with high margins etc.


Motion Display - Animated Ink in Retail from Motion Display on Vimeo.

Simply replace the traditional shelf talkers with flashing e-paper from Motion Display and you will increase the shopper’s attention dramatically. In addition, if you combine permanent e-paper displays from Motion Display, so called ESL add-on, with electronic shelf labels, you can eliminate a lot of manual work; the animated shelf talkers can be controlled wirelessly enabling fast action in different situations, something that has not been possible before.


In other words, thanks to this...


Motion Display
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